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BitView is a faithful recreation of YouTube 2008. Nothing more, nothing less.
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Welcome to BitView!
3 months ago 954 views BitView
New Uploader test
1 year ago 610 views BitView
4 years ago 3,211 views BitView
VidLii 2.0
5 years ago 2,599 views BitView
test video (not a cat)
5 years ago 2,405 views BitView
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LittleBigPlanet 101
3 videos
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JesseTyler1234 (5 hours ago)
UPDATE! New Update My Videos New Lauganges New Update Channel Comments
raz (13 hours ago)
Add most popular on home page
Evie (16 hours ago)
@lukas7832 this is false, the date was changed
lukas7832 (2 days ago)
@RandomLime The reason is probably because the developers only have to log in once to sign in. Every video after that was probably made by their coding.
RandomLime (2 days ago)
I just noticed that the last login of this channel was 5 years ago...
SimplyToastITG (6 days ago)
Where is new upload video?
JhavaCat (1 week ago)
i might make a youtube ripoff... how will i program it?
shadowbiggestfan546 (1 week ago)
I kept getting log out every day pls fix it!
lukas7832 (1 week ago)
If you can, try to add a feature on the mobile version where you will get notified when your subscription channels post new video's. its ok if you don't but it would be a helpful feature. maybe even include the feature on desktop computers and laptops as well.
JhavaCat (2 weeks ago)
delete all of your videos and make your 1st video called [BitView on the view!]

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