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Chronoarcaile2018 (3 days ago)
Do yourselves a favor guys and avoid this fucking little shithead with a plauge at all cause,this guys is the worst example of the most Toxic Anime/Video game Fan I've ever seen,which he's disrepsectful towards other people's opinions who blocks people for the most retarded reasons,so yes,Fuck him!
shadow1111 (3 days ago)
acc below is an imposter
im the actual genuine iloveanime721
iIoveanime721 (3 days ago)
im tired and sick of the dramas from vidlii so i am here on to bitview instead
Chronoarcaile2018 (5 days ago)
Thankfully Cardcaptor Sakura hasn't been ruined for me yet,because thank god that franchise has a civilized Fandom:P and I'm asking some of my other good buddies nicely,but please,for the sake of my mentle Health,don't reccommend me any new COntent from Sailor Moon,because again,I have no desire to ever go back to that franchise anymore,which I can't even stand to look at the fandom which makes me sick to my stomach which continues to get worst and worst.
WhopperJDroog23 (5 days ago)
I still really wish Vanillo had the same effort it had back in early 2019, buddy, which it just breaks my heart to see it reincarnated as such a half assed site. I also am never stepping foot back in Chilspot1/Upload Stars, buddy. That site is now a dystopian, dangerous ghost town, which I got treated like trash for no reason, before I left there permanently, which you made the right choice, leaving there, buddy.
WhopperJDroog23 (5 days ago)
Oh, I agree, buddy, the uploader is pretty good quality, which there were numerous times on Vidlii, a video would not convert properly, same with Vanillo, especially, which I uploaded the same video multiple times, due to a glitch. This site is much better then it was back around late 2017, buddy, which it's much less troll infested now. Which with Vidlii, the opposite has happened. It's also best you don't go near LiiVid, buddy, which that site made my mental health so much worse. *hugs you*
WhopperJDroog23 (6 days ago)
Hey, buddy, I'm actually on this account, which I lost my password to my old one. I understand how you feel, buddy, but this sadly is the only site besides Bitchute I have a chance. It's nowhere near a great site, but it feels so good to not feel like a failure for once.
Rin (5 years ago)
I uploaded my Tokyo Mew Mew Opening comparison video.

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