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SavageOtaku18 (17 hours ago)
Ayy! Nice to see you on BitView as well~! ^^
Cazzy (2 days ago)
AleSonic99 (4 days ago)
about your comment. sorry if i didnt answer
[Is that your cat? If so, SO CUTE! :D]
Yeah, she is my cat. her name is Stain (Mancha)
Thanks, she is cute <3
TULLI (4 days ago)
sorry for I have just press the remove friend accidentally can you add me back? :3
OWofficial123 (1 week ago)
Hi there! I’m that object show channel named OWofficial123, but “OW” stands for Object Winners.
Reiko (1 week ago)
Thank you! ^^
Cazzy (1 week ago)
BitView is fun, I don't know why I quit this website in the first place, hahaha. xD
OfficialLamarBerry (1 week ago)
Welcome back
gemm (1 week ago)
Didn't notice but welcome back.
gemm (1 week ago)
Awesome channel.