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Age: 14
Hmm... where should I start?
Well, hoy. My name is Samuel (you can just call Sam).
Silly content maker :D
Gender: Male
Country: Russia
Interests and Hobbies: I draw a lot and sometimes I cook.
Movies and Shows: watch anime a little (favorites: Evangelion Neon Genesis, Barefoot Gen and Sonic Ova). I often watch YouTube, Bitview.
Music: FNF music, Vaporwave - Weirdcore - Nightcore, The Caretaker, AirBase, Sonic OST, Undertale OST, 80s,90s and 00s.
Books: From literature I like to read manga (partly it can be attributed to literature, I think it can still be counted), short stories
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SpongeBob Snaps
3 days ago 21 views Samuel
It is in my house.
3 weeks ago 58 views Samuel
Paffendorf Dance
3 weeks ago 43 views Samuel
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Cazzy (1 week ago)
No problem! :D
Samuel (1 week ago)
@Cazzy hah, ty.
Cazzy (1 week ago)
Awesome channel! :D

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