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Age: 30
Just a goth reliving the 2000's all over again :)
Country: Canada
Interests and Hobbies: MSN, Anime and Soundtrack Editing
Movies and Shows: Gone With The Wind & They Drive By Night
Music: Metal (Including Symphonic Metal)
Books: The Bible
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Bear Got Pretty Close
1 day ago 19 views SynCloud
1 day ago 10 views SynCloud
On A Beautiful Tour :)
6 days ago 45 views SynCloud
Old iPod Commercial
6 days ago 12 views SynCloud
Beautiful Show :)
1 week ago 18 views SynCloud
Starting Up An Old Mac Computer!
1 week ago 45 views SynCloud
Beautiful Performance
1 week ago 9 views SynCloud
Another Great View
1 week ago 14 views SynCloud
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Channel Comments (6)
Bratz2002 (3 weeks ago)
no, i did not receive the ipod yet. if i did, i wouldve let you know by now. im totally confused and so is my dad. my dad said it's overdue. hopefully itll be here in a few days or at least by the end of the month.
Bratz2002 (1 month ago)
something about old youtube i forgot is when you comment on videos, there's a character limit. not being able to type out as much as i wanted definitely took me back lmao. new youtube is insane, i heard people have posted entire BOOKS and MOVIE scripts in the comment section of videos! no, i havent gotten the ipod yet. but i should soon. i will check my door again in a few minutes.
Bratz2002 (1 month ago)
cant wait to see your 2000s video, i'll definitely add it to my favorites! this website truly is a time capsule. it feels like im back in 2008 again. i dont feel like im in the current decade whenever i use this site
Bratz2002 (1 month ago)
hey syn, it's sierra. i decided to join this site like you suggested, i just made my account literally a couple of minutes ago. i subbed to you.
MegaMan (7 months ago)
Hey! I still log onto MSN often and I haven't changed my address. But you never appear online on my end anymore. Do I always appear offline to you?
MegaMan (12 months ago)
Thanks for the comment! Sorry I didn't see it sooner.

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