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Captchar (1 year ago)
ur reading this then gr sexed me
icanttellyou (1 year ago)
Ed201155 (2 years ago)
soos soos
soos soos
icanttellyou (2 years ago)
Antrax (2 years ago)
u from Albano-Kosovë fronter?
sniped128 (2 years ago)
my name is a band i really like
Captchar (2 years ago)
hey im knotsnappy / flagflagflag nice to see you on here also lol
Disasterocks (2 years ago)
I'm just not gonna bother with you on my channel I don't wnna start drama over 16:9 and 4:3
sniped128 (2 years ago)
cool bulletins bro they are very important