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I'm a BitView Developer and Co-Owner. If you have any problems with site, please contact me.

avatar is Rapi from NIKKE, I still love Ahri tho
Gender: Male
Country: Poland
Interests and Hobbies: playing games (osu!, lol), programming
Music: everything (depends on mood)
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New API - Developer tools
2 months ago 711 views vistafan12
2 years ago 396 views vistafan12
New Avatar Update
2 years ago 256 views vistafan12
Ask me anything! QnA/AMA
2 years ago 642 views vistafan12
Responding to the NoMax's video
2 years ago 296 views vistafan12
Testing new video quality
2 years ago 374 views vistafan12
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Evie (2 weeks ago)
cute pfp
OldVideoRepository (3 weeks ago)
paris201 (1 month ago)
Storm posted nonsensical comments in random channels
Storm (1 month ago)
tu roncas cabron y tu no vive asi
ScottEvil (2 months ago)
My newest upload dosen't feature a thumbnail, what happened?
User (2 months ago)
Hiya, how is this project going? It's been a long time since I've been here.
TheRealOGOver9000 (3 months ago)
Sup homie
XdOut (3 months ago)
ja wciąż żyje o czym ty paplasz do mnie co
LGBT (3 months ago)
THIS MF doesnt know Ginseng Strip 2002

Bullwinkle80 (3 months ago)
@LGBT lol what the fuck is that mean tell me

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